Applied Computer Science

... looks into questions such as ...

  • How does the systematic development of software work?
  • How can we solve problems occurring in different area of application using the methods and processes of computer science?
  • Which resources are required to have computers solve certain tasks?
  • Which types of problems cannot be solved by a machine within a reasonable period of time?
  • How can software projects be planned, managed and controlled?
  • Students wishing to study Applied Computer Science must first and foremost be interested in the subject and have fun studying it.

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Degree programmes


Applied Computer Science, Master 1 subject

What's it all about?

This degree programme is unique, because ...

it paves the way for critical classification of scientific knowledge and for responsible, interdisciplinary thinking and action.

It provides the opportunity to specialise in the following fields
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Computer vision and autonomous robotics
  • Machine learning
  • Construction engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Operations research

Who is suited?

Those who wish to enrol in this degree programme,

... have:

  • basic understanding of theoretical, technical and applied computer science

... enjoy:

  • promoting innovation
  • working in a team
  • mastering interdisciplinary tasks

... struggle through:

  • problems and finds solutions
This degree programme is suited for graduates in the following subjects
  • Applied Computer Science
  • Computer Science
  • and related degree programmes
Graduates from this degree programme frequently work
  • as software and system developers
  • as researchers
  • as project managers
  • as executive staff
  • as consultancy providers

And else?

An internship ...

is optional.

Studying abroad ...

can be done voluntarily.

Where do I find help?

Academic advisory office

Studienfachberatung Angewandte Informatik
Building, Room: NB 02/72
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-27685
Website academic advisory office

Contact students

Fachschaft Angewandte Informatik
Building, Room: NB 1/75
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-23444
Website Fachschaft


Degree: Master of Science
Start: Winter- and summer semester
Duration: 4 semesters
Classroom language: German

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