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Programmes of Study of Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Studying for beginners

That’s the Abitur done with, and now you want to continue your education at a university? Your training’s completed and your next goal is acquiring practical knowledge in a degree course? The Bachelor’s and State-Examination degree programmes at the RUB constitute the perfect starting point, preparing you for your chosen career path.

Bachelor/State examination
degree programmes

Studying for advanced students

You’ve got a Bachelor’s degree and would like to deepen your expertise in your field? You love researching? You would like to become a teacher? The Master’s programmes at the RUB provide a deeper insight into the academic subjects studied in the Bachelor’s programme.

Master’s programmes

Teacher training courses

You would like to work as a teacher at secondary schools of the Gymnasium or Gesamtschule type? Then pick two subjects from the wide range of Bachelor courses on offer. They will subsequently become your majors in the Master of Education programme. While pursuing your Bachelor’s degree, you will be attending elective courses that will prepare you for your profession as a teacher.

Teacher training courses

Student Counselling Service

Which subject will suit me? How can I finance my studies? Where do I find the cheapest accommodation? With the experienced RUB advisors’ help, you can embark on your studies free from worry.


International students

You are an international student and wish to enrol at the Ruhr-Universität for a certain period of time, but are not quite sure how to proceed? The International Office provides answers to all relevant questions.