Management & Consulting in Sports, Master 1 subject

  • How does the management of sport organisations work?
  • Which consultancy approaches for actors in sport are there (individual consultancy, organisational consultancy)?
  • What are the features of sport economics, sport politics and sport development?
  • How is marketing management in the field of sport structured?
  • How can aspects of organisational and personnel psychology be transferred into sport organisations?
Jonas Kapfer

The Master’s degree Management and Consulting in Sports is very interesting, because it offers a well-balanced blend of consultancy and management.

– Jonas Kapfer, Master's degree


Master of Science
Master of Science
Winter semester
4 semesters
Classroom language
Information on enrollment/application for German applicants

Information on enrollment/application for German applicants

Application information for international applicants

Application information for international applicants

What's it all about?
This degree programme is unique, because ...
it is the only Master's degree in sports offered at a university that integrates Management and Consulting.
It provides the opportunity to specialise in the following fields ...
Who is suited?
Those who wish to enrol in this degree programme,
has: good grasp of the principles of research methodology and economics

enjoys: conducting critical discourse into sport management questions and the development of problem-solving approaches

struggles through: scientific projects
This degree programme is suited for graduates in the following subjects
  • Sport science
Graduates from this degree programme frequently work

  • in non-profit, municipal sports organizations
  • in public sports administrations
  • in commercial sports organizations
  • in event and marketing agencies
  • organizational and management consultancies
  • at Olympic training centres and sports performance centres
  • in universities
And else?
An internship ...

is optional.

Studying abroad ... can be covered voluntarily.
Where do I find help?
Academic advisory office

Lisa Kullik
Building, Room: Gesundheitscampus-Nord 10, 2.051
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-22658
Website academic advisory office

Contact students

Fachschaft Sportwissenschaft
Building, Room: SW, Raum E.083
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-27906
Website Fachschaft


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Jonas Kapfer
Jonas Kapfer is a second semester student of Management & Consulting in Sports. He's pursuing the Master of Science degree.

What made you choose this degree programme?

In order to enhance my Bachelor’s degree in sports by a degree in sports management.

In which respect have or haven’t your expectations been fulfilled?

As expected, the Master’s degree was more hands-on than the Bachelor’s degree. Moreover, it offers many interesting guest lectures and in-depth exploration of subjects that were merely touched upon in the Bachelor’s degree. In my opinion, subject such as online marketing and social media, which are getting more and more relevant, weren’t sufficiently discussed. Also, typical jobs should be ideally explored in more depth and potential job interviews should be simulated and discussed.

Which aspect of your degree programme do you enjoy most?

Working with my personal hobby sport. You have the chance to stay active and healthy and to get other people moving in your future job, rather than sit in an office for 40 hours a week.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Sophisticated academic work for term papers, exposés etc. Increasing language proficiency requirements due to lectures and texts in the English language.

What would you like to become after completing your degree?

Sport manager, ideally with a sporting goods retailer or in club management.

Which advice would you like to give to students who consider enrolling in this degree programme?

The Master’s degree Management and Consulting in Sports is very interesting, because it offers a well-balanced blend of consultancy and management. Thanks to the small group, students soon develop a strong team spirit inside and outside the seminar. Thus, communication with the lecturers and teachers, too, is very personal and uncomplicated.