Sport & Exercise Sciences for Health and Performance

... looks into questions such as ...

  • How do humans adapt to different Stimuli?   
  • What kind of adaptation is triggered in the human body by which stimuli?   
  • Which are the methods available for monitoring performance?   
  • How do I help an athlete achieve optimal performance?   
  • Which types and forms of diet and training are available in a rehabilitative context?

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Sport & Exercise Sciences for Health and Performance, Master 1 subject


Degree: Master of Science
Start: Winter semester
Duration: 4 semesters
Classroom language: English

Detailed information for international applicants

What's it all about?

This degree programme is unique, because ...

it focuses the teaching format of research-oriented teaching, which makes it easier for students to link the materials covered in lectures with methodologies by performing explorative and autonomous research projects.

It provides the opportunity to specialise in the following fields
  • Sports medicine & sports nutrition
  • Training science
  • Kinesiology
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Training control
  • Scientific methodology
  • diverse individual competencies

Who is suited?

Those who wish to enrol in this degree programme,


  • high levels of motivation, good English-language skills

  • conducting research using innovative concepts and methods, group projects, experimental work, engaging with up-to-date sports research

struggles through:

  • .... a variety of content-related and methodological tasks and challenges in the three participating disciplines of sports medicine and sports nutrition, training science and exercise science

This degree programme is suited for graduates in the following subjects
Sport science
Graduates from this degree programme frequently work
  • professional and amateur sports clubs, training centres
  • national and international sports associations
  • rehab clinics, health centres, insurance companies
  • personal training, performance diagnostics and health management
  • national and international research institutions

And else?

Where do I find help?

Academic advisory office

Jana Sippl
Building, Room: SW, 1.097
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-23172
Website academic advisory office

Contact students

Fachschaft Sportwissenschaft
Building, Room: SW, Raum E.083
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-27906
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